Esri Ireland survey highlights poor investment awareness outside of Dublin

  • A new survey from Esri Ireland has found that 4 in 5 Irish adults believe more investment is needed outside of Dublin

    In today's business world, the public perception of investment is almost as important as where the actual investment is being made. A new survey by Geographic Information Systems (GIS) provider Esri Ireland has highlighted that most Irish adults are completely unaware of investments being made outside Dublin.

    Ireland's tech sector has been built largely around Dublin in much the same way that Northern Ireland's tech scene has been rapidly emerging in Belfast, so these problems could be mirrored up north if local government doesn't do enough to publicise investment outside the capital.

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    The survey analysed a range of citizen concerns around Ireland's long-term investment and planning strategies, asking over 1,000 adults questions about schemes they were aware of and concerns they had. The survey found that 80% of adults thought more funding should be allocated to investment outside Dublin, but most weren't aware of recent government initiatives.

    Only around 10% of those surveyed were aware of the detail in the Irish government's Project Ireland 2040 initiative, and 64% had never heard of it. Around half of respondents also highlighted that housing was poorly planned in their local area, 53% said that public transport options in their area are lacking, and 65% agree that more investment is needed in cycling infrastructure.

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    Paul Synnott, managing director, Esri Ireland, said: “By 2040, it is estimated that there will be roughly an extra one million people living in Ireland, requiring hundreds of thousands of new jobs, new homes and new cultural and social amenities. Project Ireland 2040 seeks to guide a sustainable and strategic approach to preparing and investing for this future, but based on results from this survey, it would seem that there is disconnect in how Government is communicating its long term strategy to the general public."

    Source: Written based on press release

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