Allstate NI Big Data 2019 Highlights: From R&D to the dark side of data

  • The Big Data Belfast Conference is one of the leading data and technology events on the island, driving thought and leadership in one of the most exciting and expansive business clusters.

    Big Data Belfast 2019 aim was to help individuals and organisations to gain industry-leading insight and engage with decision-makers, experts and talent. Having returned for its 7th year, delegates from all over came to hear from global data and analytics experts and best in class data driven organizations.

    This year, Tobin Craig and Linda O’Reilly from Allstate NI were there presenting amongst the leading industry experts such as Derek Hosty, head of global data for Diaceutics and nuclear scientist turned machine learning engineer Dr Clair Sullivan from Github.

    Tobin Craig is a Senior Manager Data Scientist at Allstate and has over two decades of digital investigative experience in computer forensics. He has built and developed computer forensic capabilities for four different Federal Agencies with the United States Government and has conducted hundreds of digital investigations for the Office of Inspectors General with the Department of Veterans Affairs, the National Atmospheric and Space Administration, the Department of Transportation, and the Department of Education. He holds a first class Master’s degree in Forensic Computer and Cybercrime Investigations from the University College, Dublin.

    During his presentation Tobin explored some of the challenges presented when big data goes bad. For example, he talked about how to investigate an incident, how to recover from it, how to prevent it happening in the future and what roles computer forensics play when investigating big data incidents. 

    Linda O'Reilly is a senior data scientist at Allstate. Linda leads an R&D team responsible for improving customer service by employing natural language processing and other machine learning techniques. Linda holds a PhD in Pure Mathematics from Queen's University Belfast.

    Linda discussed how Allstate is re-inventing the customer journey with AI.

    Serving more than 16 million households across the United States, Allstate receives thousands of customer service interactions every hour. To better serve their customers, Allstate is using AI and automation to supplement their existing customer service solutions with scalable solutions, thereby giving their customers more options and reducing overall customer effort. Linda focused on how Allstate are using virtual assistants to re-define their agent support and using voice transcriptions to learn from the voice of the customer.

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