A third of companies have suffered data breaches involving mobile devices

  • The latest Verizon Mobile Security Index report shows that 33% of businesses have suffered data breaches involving mobile devices, and that 62% of these breaches were serious.

    Every company deals with some confidential information and private data that it wants to keep secure from outside attackers, but cyber-security isn't limited to just servers and networked computers. A new report by Verizon highlights that a third of companies surveyed admitted to suffering a security breach involving a mobile device in 2018, an increase from last year's figure of 27%.

    Of the 33% that admitted to these security breaches, 62% described the incident as major and 41% said it would have lasting consequences for their business. Around 67% of companies said that they were less sure about the security of their smartphones, tablets and other connected devices than about their other main IT infrastructure, highlighting that mobile devices are still the weak point in manty businesses.

    Most businesses weren't even sure how to secure their mobile devices, with only 45% using endpoint encryption for messaging and very few using anti-malware or anti-virus software. It didn't seem to matter what sector the business was in or what size it is, its mobile security was still poor.

    Source: Verizon mobile Security Index

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