Belfast-based Cloudsmith secures undisclosed Techstart investment

  • Cloudsmith has secured a "significant but undisclosed pre-seed investment round" from Techstart Ventures, an investment that will help to support the product and ecosystem currently being developed by the organisation.

    Belfast-based tech start-up Cloudsmith offers secure digital online storage locations and aims to help developers and high-performing companies automate and improve software development. The company's service offers an "Accelerated Provenance Platform" that offers "a broad control surface for their choice of security, analytics and workflow tools across their environments"

    Cloudsmith reports that it's currently working with world leading developer tools and cyber security businesses to establish a ubiquitous and globally recognised platform to support its clients' software pipelines, ensuring security and compliance during development.

    "Cloudsmith brings together a great team with deep domain expertise, cutting edge technology in a rapidly growing market. Their unique Accelerated Provenance Platform and global ambitions hold the potential to create an exciting scalable business," said Audrey Osborne, Techstart Ventures.

    "Automated software provenance is becoming increasingly recognised as a paramount piece in the jigsaw of building software securely. The broad business community and beyond are only beginning to understand the deep impact that software without provenance can have. Cloudsmith’s platform offers controls and capabilities that allow high-performing companies to trust their code," commented Lee Skillen, CTO of Cloudsmith.

    Source: Cloudsmith Press Release

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