Social Tech Trust has invested over £30m in UK social tech ventures

  • Tech charity Social Tech Trust has now invested over £30m in more than 750 innovative social tech initiatives, including companies such as the UK-based Open Bionics (© image above).

    Techworld reports that the Social Tech Trust has now invested over £30m in social tech ventures since it was founded in 2008. The charity became an independent entity last year when it partnered with Social Investment Business, and its portfolio of supported projects now includes everything from creative art-focused and community-centric initiatives to companies 3D printing bionic limbs and developing apps that promote social change.

    Social Tech Trust's core aims include ensuring that the ongoing digital revolution delivers positive and equitable progress in society, and that the benefits of technological progress are felt by everyone. The trust wants social transformation to be the driving focus behind tech, to create a world in which people's needs inform tech development from the beginning so that it delivers real improvements to people's lives.

    The group has previously focused on supporting early stage start-ups that are doing social good, but more recently has started broadening its approach by collaborating with major partners such as Vodaphone and Microsoft to launch new schemes that will reach more people. Head over to for more information on the Social Tech Trust.

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