€1.6 million in EU funds given to NUI Galway to fight Diabetes

  • NUI Galway has secured €1.6 million (£1.4m) in EU Horizon 2020 funding to transform the treatment currently on offer for Type 1 Diabetes.

    With the rise in Diabetes over recent years, the development of new treatment protocols has been a keen focus of research into the condition. NUI Galway's new initiative supported by £1.4m in EU funding will involve six researchers being trained on therapies in an attempt to help the serious, lifelong condition that affects people who can't make enough of the hormone insulin.

    Education is also crucial for the field's long-term prospects, so each researcher will be spending half of their time with an academic and the other half with an industry partner to ensure that academic insights and knowledge can be implemented at every stage of developing patient care.

    “We are delighted to lead the deliver programme, continuing to translate new collaborative research for the benefit of patients with Type 1 diabetes," commented Professor Garry Duffy, NUI Galway. "We are delighted to lead the Deliver programme and to continue to translate new collaborative research for the benefit of patients with Type 1 diabetes”.

    Your body breaks down carbohydrates from food and turns it to glucose, which enters your bloodstream and is converted into other molecules due to the action of the hormone insulin. Patients with Type 1 diabetes produce little or no insulin, so glucose continues to build up in their bloodstream and can cause a variety of health issues.

    The recruitment of the six researchers to make the scheme happen will commence at the end of this month at NUI Galway. Through the funding of EU’s Horizon 2020 programme and the focus on expanding knowledge, this initiative sounds very promising and under the co-ordination of Professor Duffy will hopefully make a real difference.

    SOURCES: Irish News, Galway Daily

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