Queen’s University Belfast to lead critical research into incurable lung condition

  • Queens University Belfast will lead crucial research that aims to find the cure for an incurable lung condition. The research will be heavily supported by the British Lung Foundation, as well as Professor Lorcan McGarvey from QUB

    The research project, that hopes to identify people that are at risk of developing this condition – ultimately reducing the cause of illness and death,  should create 1,000 roles across the U.K.

    COPD is a life-long condition that makes breathing difficult because the airways have been narrowed. People living with COPD will feel out of breath doing everyday tasks, such as washing, dressing or walking to the shops.

    “COPD can be incredibly life-limiting for people. Think about the last time you were out of breath, and imagine being in that state just doing everyday tasks like brushing your teeth,” stated, Ian Jarrold, head of research at the British Lung Foundation.

    Although anyone can develop COPD, people who smoke run a particularly high risk of developing this type of lung disease. The study is a first step in understanding why the disease strikes some and not others and could lead to earlier diagnosis and better treatment.

    Progress in discovering a treatment for this condition has been slow, far slower than heart diseases or cancer. At present there is no treatment that can slow the illness and no treatment to reverse damage incurred.

    “As doctors we spend most of our time treating patients with COPD where the condition is already well established and causing lots of symptoms,” commented, Lorcan McGarvey, Professor of Respiratory Medicine at Queen’s University Belfast.

    “Ideally, we would like to know more about COPD at the very early stages and how to identify those most at risk of developing severe disease. I believe this research will help us do just that and I am delighted that Queen’s University are playing such an important role.

    “It’s also great that people from Northern Ireland will have an opportunity to participate in this landmark study.”

    SOURCE: Queens University Belfast Press Release

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