New online NI school admissions system launches

  • The Education Authority (EA) launched a new online school admissions process that aims to streamline the application process for pre-primary or primary schools across Northern Ireland.

    Places in schools can be tight, particularly when parents want their kids to go to the most local school. This process will now be sped up thanks to a new online admissions system launched today. This process will replace the original paper-based application and will make it a lot simpler for parents to enrol their children into school.

    The launch didn't exactly go off without a hitch, with technical issues arising when over 6,000 applicants filed their submissions within the first few hours after launch. A tweet was issued on behalf of EA to apologise for any inconvenience caused. Now that it's stabilised, the new system will allow parents to apply for a place in pre-primary or primary schools throughout Northern Ireland ahead of time.

    Despite the process allowing parents to select any number of schools, the schools still hold the power of selecting the pupils through benchmarking against criteria. In the Irish News, Sara Long, EA Director of Operations positively commented, “While most children obtain a place at one of their preferred settings, this cannot be guaranteed…by listing at least four, the likelihood of not being offered a place at the close of the procedure is decreased”.

    SOURCES: The Irish News, BBC News

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