Staggering rise in teen girls playing video games

  • Video games are still becoming increasingly popular with young people, however, there is a distinct gap between the number of avid girl gamers and boy gamers. A study by Kids Insights which was included in an article by The Guardian, states that 21% of boys aged 13-18 would claim that gaming is their favourite pastime.

    This statistic juxtaposes only 3% of 13-18-year-old girls stating that gaming was their favourite activity. This gap between genders may be prominent but the number of girls playing video games has dramatically increased since last year, The Kids Insights survey, highlights that 84% of girls choose to spend their downtime playing video games, an increase of 9% from the previous year.

    Alongside highlighting the increase in girls playing video games, the survey conducted by Kids Insights indicated that 15% of girls now watch esports and surprisingly the number of 13-15-year-old girls that engage with esports is at present higher than the same demographic of boys. These statistics do change with maturity for both genders. According to the survey, girls decrease their game usage when they begin secondary school, with boys in the 16-18 age bracket claiming two-thirds of the user base and only 10% of girls in the 16-18 bracket avidly watching esports.

    Nick Richardson, CEO of The Insights People, stated that “There is a clear difference between what boys are into… and what girls are doing online”, he refers to the fact that boys are bigger fans of games such as Fortnite and Call of Duty and that girls are much more likely to engage with games that involve collaboration.

    An additional study by the Pew Centre in 2018 mentioned in the Game Revolution article, states that nearly half of all US women in the 19-29 age bracket actively play games. These various studies indicate that gender stereotypes are continually being broken down, what was once predominately a male lead hobby with women gamers being in the minority, is now increasingly popular and will continue to rise. How games are presented and perceived by the different genders is paramount for video game creators and marketers to understand, reaching an increased number of girls will boost the booming gaming industry. Tapping into this market is an exciting opportunity for game creators to gain increased exposure to their games. This demographic will only increase as the gaming culture broadens, the stigma of the pastime being male-dominated is increasingly diminishing.

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