Millions in the UK use smart technology to track friends, family, and employees

  • New statistics show that nearly six million people in the UK use smartphones to monitor family, friends, or employees through the usage of smart doorbells, indoor security cameras, and phone locating software.

    UKTN reports that new statistics from Direct Line Home Insurance show almost six million people in the UK use some form of technology to spy on other people. The most popular group to monitor people is of course parents, with over four million parents (13%) monitoring their children to keep tabs on their locations, status, and who they are with.

    This statistic is expected to rise further as 27% of those who don't monitor their children reported that they intend to do so in the future. The reasoning behind parents monitoring children is understandable, with tracking systems providing peace of mind and letting parents check the safety of their children at the touch of a button. A staggering one in eight parents reported that they monitor their child because they don't trust them or their friends.

    "Smart technologies have grown in popularity at an increasing rate in recent years, with many of us monitoring our homes whilst we’re out at work or away from home," explained Jenny Trueman, head of connected homes and product innovation at Direct Line

    Household employees have additionally been regarded as a high priority to track for many homeowners. Cleaners, babysitters, gardeners are being tracked by over 20% of employers to make sure they are working adequately and that they are being honest about their productivity. The employees will often have no knowledge of this monitoring, as 40% of individuals state they would not inform them.

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