Ulster University makes UK's best breakthroughs list with Futuristic Brain Mapping headset

  • A headset invented by Professor Damien Coyle from Ulster University that allows paralysed patients to communicate with their families has been named one of the UK’s 100 best university-led breakthroughs.

    NeuroCONCISE led by Professor Damien Coyle has been honoured within Made At Uni's UK-wide Best Breakthrough List for pioneering work brain mapping control signals. The breakthrough technology has been used to help paralysed and locked-in individuals with brain injuries to communicate with their families interact with technology using just their thoughts.

    NeuroCONCISE has achieved many accolades for its innovative brain mapping technology, including the Best Start-Up award at the Institute of Engineering and Technology Innovation Awards in November 2018. This award was credited to the project interweaving artificial intelligence, software, big data and electronics to make a real difference and improve the quality of lives of patients and their families. The project was considered genuinely impressive and an important advancement to technology development, incorporating advanced algorithms to enable interaction with technology and communication without moving.

    The Ulster University invention has been included within the Made at Uni, “100+ ways universities have improved everyday life”, within the Family section marking the success of the innovation. Every university cohort was invited to nominate the one project from the university that has had the biggest impact on lives and communities, and NeuroCONCISE's new technology certainly qualifies.

    "The MadeAtUni campaign is an incredibly important initiative for Ulster University as it allows students, alumni, the local community and the wider population to understand the work that we do and the impact it has,” stated James Nesbitt, Chancellor of Ulster University. "The life-changing impact of the work of Ulster University’s students and the staff is felt locally and globally across a range of sectors and I’m proud that the world-leading expertise of NeuroCONCISE has been recognised by Universities UK on the UK’s best breakthrough list." 

    You can find out more about the UK’s Best Breakthroughs and the MadeAtUni campaign at www.madeatuni.org.uk

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