Digital Catapult welcomes Chief Executive of UK Government Communications to Belfast

  • Digital Catapult has welcomed Simon Baugh, Chief Executive of UK Government Communications for a special visit to its regional Belfast centre.

    Simon came to Belfast to hear first-hand the positive impact that Digital Catapult is having in the region, both for private-sector businesses and large-scale public-sector capital projects.

    The visit comes just days after Digital Catapult in Northern Ireland was highlighted in the Autumn Statement: “...with the government confirming that funding for the UK’s nine Catapults will increase by 35% compared to the last 5-year funding cycle. This £1.6 billion investment will allow Catapults to continue to support innovation and commercialisation by providing access to world-leading facilities, skills, and equipment across the UK."

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    Welcoming Simon’s visit to Belfast, William Revels, MD of Digital Catapult said: “We were delighted to bring the work of Digital Catapult in Northern Ireland to the heart of the UK government’s communications function, and to illustrate that our work here is central to the UK's core message that this region is enjoying success in advanced technology innovation. Northern Ireland is an exciting place for manufacturing businesses to operate, with a range of exciting opportunities to invest, gain skills and innovate.”

    William continued: “During our conversation, Simon recognised the need to address skills gaps, collaboration and support for regional businesses to fully take advantage of the opportunities that the next generation of advanced technology offers. He also acknowledged that there is strength in bringing industry and technology-led organisations together in partnerships to address pressing business challenges.”

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    As part of his visit, Simon experienced immersive technology demonstrations from the Digital Catapult Immersive team, featuring Belfast-based company RETiniZE, which produces VR experiences. Digital Catapult is also a member of the Smart Nano NI Manufacturing Consortium.

    Source: Written from press release

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