Global content creation expert inspires NI teens in fast-paced digital field

  • A 27-year-old Northern Ireland man has risen to a key position in the multi-billion-dollar global content creation industry.

    Callum Janes is the Editorial coordinator at Canadian-based WatchMojo, which has 42 million YouTube subscribers across its network. From his office in Belfast, he works with a team of staff and freelancers around the world to come up with the hottest content generating up to 100 million views per month.

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    Now, Callum will be teaching teenagers in Northern Ireland how to pursue a career in a leading digital video production company during a three-day ScreenWorks training from 29th November until 1st December aimed at 14-19-year-olds. ScreenWorks is a ground-breaking partnership between Into Film and Northern Ireland Screen that gives young people hands-on experience with some of the leading experts working across film, TV, animation and games.

    Callum said: “The media industry is evolving faster than anyone can predict, and as a result, young people are in the perfect position to adapt to developing technology. The traditional path into film is no longer the only way that people can make careers out of video. There are still plenty of gold rush opportunities."

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    “Northern Ireland itself is in a unique position. It has the perfect combination of resources, connections and facilities that could provide the perfect incubator for creative industries if it continues to be nurtured in the right way,” he added.

    To sign up for his course, click here

    Source: Written from a press release

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